DEMO AND SECOND HAND STOCK CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – Please phone 07 3282 4711 for details

1 only second-hand queen size John Watts Quilter.

1 only demo 1/2 size Personal Quilter suitable for small quilts or Art Quilts.


Our new Limited Edition model is now a beautiful cream colour and has a larger carriage to accommodate bigger machines.

The John Watts Quilter® is like no other no-baste machine quilting frame.

They come  –  they go . But the John Watts Quilter is still the best.

*Easiest  to Assemble

*Easiest to use

*Quickest to use

*Built like no other

*Built in Australia

Four Reasons why the John Watts Quilter is still the best

Tensioning the Fabric.- The John Watts quilter has a unique braking system which allows you to tension the fabric on your frame in 2 seconds.

Even with the standard sewing machine, you still have the ability to sew around a 15″ block thanks to the patented braking system. You not only move your machine but you can also move the fabric backwards and forwards, giving you the benefits of a long arm, but with your own machine.

We’ve never used the side tensioning clamps as they can distort the fabric and may need to be taken off & on 50 times during a queen quilt. That’s 200 less adjustments you have to make. It certainly is quicker.

As your quilting is progressively completed it needs to be wound onto the back roller which will get larger and larger. The back roller needs to be raised so it is not rubbing on the free arm of the sewing machines. Most quilting frames this needs to be adjusted each end. The John Watts Quilter has a  height adjustment lever which takes 1 second and it adjusts both ends of the quilter at the same time to the correct height from one end.


Photos shown with Table Assembly – available for purchase separately


Available in three sizes, simply sits on your table.

Queen is the standard size, King ext available

(Support legs provided for Queen & King Size)

Quilt up to 6’ (1840mm)
Space required:
6’11” x 3’6” (2300 x 1100mm)
Queen Quilt up to 8’2” (2440mm)
Space required:
9’ x 3’6” (3000 x 1100mm)
King Quilt up to 9’7” (2970mm)
Space required:
11’6” x 3’6” (3500 x 1100mm)


Features & Benefits

This is the John Watts Quilter, famous for its simplicity, engineering quality and it’s made in Australia.

It is queen size – total length of 3 metres and will quilt up to 2.5 metres which is a little larger than queen size.  A king extension is also available.

What takes you 6 hours on most frames takes 3 hours for the same work on the John Watts Quilter thanks to our patented technology.

With all these patented features, any wonder why it is the only quilter in Australia to be accredited by the Australian Technology Showcase.

Quilters are using this frame from India to South Africa, Zambia to Malta, New Zealand to U.S.A. & Canada to Australia.

Produces professional result

  • like no other home quilter
  • unique patented four roller tensioning system

No side tensioning required

Most quilt frames use bungee clamps to side tension the fabric.  These clamps need to be attached to, and detached from,  the fabric each end up to 50 times per queen quilt.  Thanks to our superior 4 roller system these bungee clamps are not needed on the John Watts Quilter hence saving time with a lot less adjustments.

  • stitch fast, work simply with our four roller system

Finish your quilts faster

  • 16″ of travel forward and backwards
  • virtually turns your short arm into a long arm
  • use your own domestic machine, or update to a 9 inch portable industrial or go right up to the Tin Lizzie 18 inch without changing the frame.

Flexible workspace

The quilter will sit on a trestle table and 2 adjustable height legs are provided to support that part of the quilter which extends over the end of the table.

  • simply sits on your table
  • strong lightweight design means you can bring it out or store it away in minutes
  • it will pack away, hang on a wall or lie behind the lounge or cupboard in just 3 minutes.
  • a purpose built table assembly is also available

Strong aluminum and steel construction

  • lightweight but strong, will last a lifetime
  • no warping, cracking or sagging

Everything out front

  • all your sewing and adjustments are done from the front of your quilter.

Convenient single-lever adjustments

  • simple one finger lever adjustments
  • no screws to twist or ratchets to click
  • finish faster

Precise movement

  • With our feather touch plastic wheel, and steel ball bearing combination you get just the right amount of touch to accurately reproduce your pattern or confidently freehand

Quilt even large blocks

  • with 16″ of travel you can complete up to a large 15″ block on your frame.

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